Now that cities are weeks into quarantine and shelter-in-place orders, some truly outlandish takes are making their way to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

On Sunday, one woman decided to take the plunge and post something truly foolish to Twitter. Julie Bindel, a journalist, author and noted women's rights activist, tried to claim that the name Karen has been turned into a slur.

She went on to say it was misogynistic to use the name in reference to white people and defended herself in a number of follow-up tweets. She said she became aware of the term because she "saw white misogynistic men use it towards older women" and didn't know it was originally just a fun meme.

She went to claim that "Becky" is, somehow, racist and sexist as well.

She then tried to say that the Black women using it were also being classist.

An unofficial Twitter account took the exchange further, comparing "Karen" to the word n****r.

Bindel's exchange with people on Twitter had "Karen" trending on Twitter on Sunday night. As always, Twitter roasted her endlessly with some of the best jokes and ruthless tweets to come out since we all were forced to stay home.

One Twitter user decided to take it seriously and break down the actual origins of the "Karen" meme.

As the nation remains in quarantine, it's only a matter of time before someone else comes up with an asinine way to become offended.