First impressions are important, as TikToker Samara Curtiss points out in a recent viral video of hers that shows people what thoughtful dating can look like in today's world.  

In her video, Curtiss discussed her plan to gift her date with a cigar on their first meeting since he expressed his interest in them during a conversation. She explained that she went to her parent's home before hitting the road, and grabbed a cigar from her father's collection. Her mother, she said, found the wrapping paper and some twine to tie around the gift before she left. 

She updated her followers with another video saying that her date loved the gift. 

"He said he's never received a gift on a first date ever before. So, it really made me stand out," she gushed. 

Curtiss proceeded to share other details of their date in Baltimore, saying that they went to one of his favorite spots and smoked the cigar together. She added that he gave her a tutorial on how to smoke a cigar properly. Her thoughtfulness didn't go without a reward in return, either. Her date proved he was listening well by taking her to a vinyl record store after she mentioned wanting to expand her collection.

People online praised the idea for its refreshing outlook on dating and being considerate. 

"She’s a thoughtful woman that puts intention into dating. If it doesn’t work out, so be it. She literally loses nothing," one person wrote. Another reacted saying, "This is a sweet gesture! Nice way to show you listen and are excited to meet up. Something simple that didnt take a bunch of time/money/effort."

Others gushed at the thought of being courted in a similar manner.