Actress Alexandra Shipp has been facing some criticism as of late. With the new Fox and Disney Merger (one that may be getting investigated soon, may we add), Disney will have the rights to Marvel's X-Men franchise. With Disney's new acquisition, a fan expressed her desire for a joint Thor and Storm movie. While some people, including Shipp said they would love that, others are just hoping this new merger will call for a recasting. Particularly for Storm. 

It all started here, when a fan tweeted to Shipp saying “[N]ow that Disney bought fox, I’m gonna need that Storm and Thor team up now….. How do you feel about that sister?”

Shipp replied that she would love for this to happen. However, it sparked a conversation for hopes of re-casting. Storm, who appears to be darker in the comic books, has now been played by two different light skinned, mixed raced actresses and some of the fandoms seems to have had enough. 

Yikes. Okay, way to rain on her parade (no pun intended). However, Shipp also seemed to have time today and took a moment to clap back. 

“This. Right. Here. Pure hate. Its disgusting," she tweets. "My whole life I’ve had to defend my skin tone, like its controllable, like I’ve ever been treated white. Sorry, your racism doesn’t work on me. I’m a strong black woman & no one will EVER be able to take that from me not even a troll.”

Wait, racism? ...okay.

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Anyway, Nina Perez went on to explain to her that the conversation isn't about racism as much as it is about anger toward colorism. Perhaps people were going about the conversation the wrong way, but racism it was not. 

Shipp attempts to shut down claims that she is ignoring colorism, but it doesn't seem like she's grasping what people are arguing. 

She continues with a few follow tweets letting us know that she definitely doesn't get it. She even claims that 90 percent of racism she faces has been at the hands of black folks. 

“You guys act like I don't want every skin tone represented on TV smh who would ever want that? This conversation about Storm is so stupid, I’m out. Y’all don’t know me and probably never will. If I lose my job to another actress, I hope it’s for her talent and grace, not her skin,” she said in another tweet.

All we can gather from this is that a real, and raw conversation needs to be had about the difference between colorism and racism. Perhaps colorism in Hollywood needs to be broken down further as well. Is it possible to have a real conversation about this without the jabs back and forth? Let us know your thoughts below.