A toddler in Birmingham, Alabama, is changing the world by using his allowance for good. 

Austin Perine asked his parents one day if he could use his allowance to buy food for the homeless in his city. The 4-year-old was inspired to help the less fortunate after watching a nature documentary with his father, where he saw a mother panda abandon her child. It was on that day that he learned what it meant to be homeless.

"He says, 'What's homeless?' I said, 'It's when you don't have a home and sometimes you don't have mom or dad around,'" TJ Perine, Austin's father, told CBS News. 

So, the preschool student stepped into action. Austin put on his red cape, took on the superhero name "President Austin" and used his allowance money to buy sandwiches to feed people in need.

The wide-eyed kid with hope in his heart believes that a president of the United States should give back to people. 

"That's his idea of what the president is supposed to do," said his dad. "I was like, buddy, you have no idea, but hey, I'm going along with it."

Every time Austin and his dad pass out food, the aspiring president tells those he helped:

"Don't forget to show love."

He's often met with hugs and praise in his attempts to bring some joy to those who need it most.