AFFRM's has announced that its first pick-up of 2013, Storm Saulter's international film festival circuit-played, award-winning feature film Better Mus' Come, will open on March 15, in New York and Los Angeles, in a multi-platform release via that will be preceded by simultaneous one-night engagements in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC, Seattle and Houston – all taking place on March 13, presented by partners of the distributor's new label, Array: Imagenation, Urbanworld Film Festival, BronzeLens Film Festival, ReelBlack Film Series, Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival, Howard Film Culture and Houston African-American Museum.

Passion, politics and poverty collide as this love story unfolds against a backdrop of political turmoil in 1970's Jamaica, as rival gangs enlisted by warring political factions disrupt the democratic process, leading to bloodshed in the streets. Better Mus' Come begins in 1977 and ends the in the first couple days of 1978 during the Green Bay Massacre, and follows Ricky, a gang leader and political pawn, as he struggles to navigate the hardships of life in Kingston, and to define a better way of life for his young son.

Vanessa screened the film at the ABFF last year, and reviewed it HERE.

A new poster has been released and is embedded below: