Civilians in Nigeria are begging the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) to end its anti-robbery operations after an innocent civilian was murdered at the hands of law enforcement Sunday.

According to The Whistler, Kolade Johnson was struck by a stray bullet when officers were attempting to subdue another suspect. The 36-year-old was watching a soccer match in the Mangoro neighborhood when the incident occurred. 

Per a friend of the victim, authorities wanted to detain a gentleman named Ismail Folorunsho because of his dreadlocks. 

"They wanted to arrest Ismail who is known to everyone in the area and people quickly gathered to find out why," Dennis Ikpoba said. "We later learnt that it was because he had dreadlocks that they wanted to arrest, fearing he might be a criminal."

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Protests against FSARS have inspired several hashtags online, such as #JusticeForKolade, #EndSARS and #ReformPoliceNG. Nigerians across the globe have voiced their disapproval for the department's wrongdoing.

FSARS has yet to release a statement about the ambush, but a spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Public Relations Office confirmed to Nigerian publication Punch that its bureau would open an investigation into Johnson's killing.

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