Teachers at Ashford High School in Alabama are being accused of maintaining a private group chat with explicit and racist text messages while discussing students, WDHN reported.

Portions of the leaked group chat titled “Bad A B’s,” show teachers speaking about a student possibly being pregnant. They also implied that the student was quiet and wasn’t smart.

“I guess she mime sex,” one teacher wrote.

The teachers allegedly wrote about other students’ sex lives and also spoke about a former student, calling him a racist slur.

“That n***a so slow he can’t walk and chew gum,” one teacher said, according to WDHN.

Other portions of the leaked texts show one teacher saying she wants to “b slap” a person known as “RK.” “RK” has not been confirmed as a student or another school employee.

An unnamed student reportedly leaked the messages. The student said he saw the chat after a teacher gave him her phone during school hours. He then screen-recorded the messages and sent the video out to other people.

The teachers involved have not been identified due to potential legal issues about how the texts were leaked.

Several of the teachers in the chat, however, have been suspended, Dothan Eagle reported.

Since the leak, parents and students have gathered outside the school to protest the teachers' conduct and to demand action.

“Two of the teachers that’s in the group chat, I can’t believe that they was actually in the group chat because I’d never think they’ll be like that, but the other ones, I think they’ll do it,” said Venissa Wilson, one of the student's aunt.

Two of the students told WDHN they were upset about what the teachers said. Only one of the students has received an apology from a teacher that spoke about her in the group chat.

“She was like she didn’t mean anything that she said or anything like that,” the student said.

Another student said he’s seen other racist incidents at the school.

“I don’t like this school, period,” he said. “They racist, all of these folks racist.”

The Houston County School Board has not announced what the future holds for those teachers, according to WTVY, although Superintendent David Sewell said he’d have more information this week.

“There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to anything that takes place on a cell phone,” Sewell said, according to TribLive. “I hate that it happened. We try to put policies and procedures in place to make sure things like this don’t happen. We’ll go back and try to reinforce.”