On Saturday, the YouTube channel Overtime released a new episode featuring NBA guard Amen Thompson. The 20-year-old was shopping for a mansion with State Farm representatives throughout the ten-minute clip. The video gained attention after viewers noticed how Thompson was house shopping with his twin brother, Ausar Thompson, in mind.

“This is Ausar’s guest room. Put a little chair for him to sleep; that would be great.” Amen said to the agent. “And yeah, sorry, he is not materialist. So, he will love that.”

According to People, the twins made history after they became the first brothers selected in the Top 5 during the NBA Draft and were set back to back. Despite their close relationship, the brothers will have to adjust to playing on separate teams — Amen was recruited by the Houston Rockets, and the Detroit Pistons picked Ausar.

The twins have admitted to not spending more than a few days apart to People. During an interview with People, Amen predicted his brother would be the one calling more frequently when they go to Houston and Detroit. Ausar insists that won’t be the case, citing a hoard of missed calls from Amen during a semi-recent trip he took on his own.

“He wouldn’t stop calling me the whole time I was there,” Ausar responded to his brother’s accusations.

“I think what I’ll miss most is having somebody else to take out the trash and clean the house,” Amen joked.

The two continued to banter about their roommate duties while showcasing their brotherhood.

 “As in the only person who does it,” Ausar laughed.

“He is a good roommate,” Amen laughed.

“I’m the G.O.A.T. roommate,” Ausar responded.

From Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale to the NBA, The Thompsons are finally parting ways as they chase their NBA dreams. Congratulations to Amen on his new place.