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Former NBA Player Suing United Airlines For $10 Million After Claiming He Was ‘Race-baited’ By Flight Attendant

She asked if he was going to boycott receiving a drink. Really, girl?
Alexa Lisitza
 • 10 days ago

Indiana Student Pretends To Have A Seizure At Basketball Game To Mock Epileptic Player

The crowd also taunted the player.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 11 days ago

Stephen Curry Responds To 9-Year-Old Girl 'Disappointed' His Under Armour Shoe Line Only Comes In Boys' Sizes

Major kudos to Curry for this.
Richy Rosario
 • 15 days ago

The Philadelphia Eagles Spent $50,000 To Bail Nine People Out Of Jail

Half of the money was raised by the team; the other half came from the Eagles Social Justice Fund.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 16 days ago

Kent State Recruit Becomes First Basketball Player With Autism To Receive A D1 Scholarship

"When doctors tell you 'no' or 'this can't be done' — fight," Sonja said. "Believe in your heart and believe in your child."
Ricky Riley
 • 18 days ago

Eric Reid Said He's Been Drug Tested Multiple Times In The Last Two Months: 'It Doesn't Feel Very Random'

He isn't worried about being caught slippin.'
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 18 days ago

Hampton University Becomes The First HBCU To Have A Varsity Women's Triathlon Team

HBCU herstory .
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 25 days ago

The Cleveland Browns Want To Interview Condoleeza Rice For Head Coaching Job, She Responded With Another Idea

Rice, as head coach for an NFL team?
Ricky Riley
 • a month ago

Why I Think GQ's Cover With Serena Williams Was A Tone-Deaf Move

A little discernment goes a long way.
Alfonso François
 • a month ago

GQ Crowned Serena Williams 'Woman' Of The Year, And People Are Rightfully Taking Offense

The magazine claims the quotations on the cover have no hidden meaning.
Richy Rosario
 • a month ago

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