Before hip hop took over the world, it came from the Bronx. Today, Google celebrates that magical moment that changed the music world forever 44 years ago. 

Hip hop was born Aug. 11, 1973, when DJ Kool Herc first spinning turntables at his sister's birthday/back to school party created the break, giving dancers a chance to dance longer. This is how break dancing started eventually defining the early years of the new genre. Then came the MC or Master of Ceremony spitting dope rhymes over typically sampled tracks.

Once you click on Google's interactive doodle created by graffiti artist Cey Adams, the artist responsible for the original look and feel of Def Jam, people are given the origin story of hip hop by one of the originators, Fab 5 Freddy.

And shortly after the video ends, you can get some tips on becoming a DJ yourself with a DJing tutorial featuring tracks from George Clinton, Billy Squire, The Isley Brothers, and Prince Paul.

Twitter was also buzzing reminiscing over hip hop's humble beginnings and the dope doodle. 

Here's the video from the interactive doodle below:

The doodle will only be available for 40 hours on the home page until it is archived. The doodle may be temporary but hip hop is forever.