50 Cent has been unwillingly popping up all around Australia because a street artist has been using the rapper as his muse.

The “P.I.M.P.” rapper doesn’t seem to be a fan of the artist, known on Instagram as Lushsux, as he’s expressed his frustration with the re-imaginations from the muralist, which include depicting him as Donald Trump and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, reports XXL Magazine.

Lushsux's first mural of 50 was of the 44-year-old as Oprah back in December. The wall portrays the songwriter with a raised brow, hoop earrings and a head full of thick curls, to which 50 didn’t respond.

It is unclear what made Lushsux return to the rapper, also known as Curtis Jackson, but in April he painted him as President Donald Trump. The piece, titled “The 45 Fif President” did catch Jackson’s attention, and he reposted it on his Instagram with the caption “Look at this s**t man, The f**k is wrong with these people. LOL.”

Since then, the For Life executive producer and the artist have been going back and forth. The Australian-based artist painted 50 as fellow rapper Post Malone and dubbed it “fiddy cent week” on his Instagram page.

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curtis malone or post jackson?

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In addition to Post Malone, the “21 Questions” rapper has been painted as Taylor Swift, Mike Pence, Tekashi 6ix9ine and more. The songwriter has taken to his social media pages to question why he’s been the target of these murals and express his frustration.

“Who the f**k keep painting these murals of me all over the place. This is f**ked up man. That’s 3 now 69, Trump, & post malone,” he wrote after one painting.

Despite his annoyance with the painter, 50 gave him props and admitted he was talented.

Although the subject of the art is not happy with his likeness being plastered all around the land down under, many find it quite hilarious, including his rival, Ja Rule, reports Okayplayer. The “Holla Holla” rapper direct messaged Lushsux, deeming the creative his “new favorite artist.”

Many people who have found humor in the murals have also suggested new mashups such as “Fiddy White.”

Other than 50, Lushsux has also painted John Cena as Kim Jong-un, Jim Carrey as Eminem, Bernie Sanders as the Joker and more. He also once painted a mural of Vladimir Putin and Trump smooching. Some fans have speculated that 50 is in on the joke and his angry tweets serve as promo for the artist. Whether he’s in on it or not, we hope this feud never ends.

Lushsux also created a mural of a very gummy 50 alongside the title "Too Many Trips To The Candy Shop."