An ICE agent shot a man in the face and hand while trying to detain an undocumented immigrant in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday morning, according to reports from local New York stations. 

The New York Daily News reports two agents, armed with a deportation order, were escorting a 36-year-old man from a home in Gravesend, Brooklyn about 8:15 a.m. when the shooting occurred. As the man’s relative, Eric Diaz, tried to intervene, a shot was fired, according to officials and eyewitnesses.

The bullet went through Diaz's hand into his cheek. The man who the agents were attempting to arrest ran back into the home and barricaded himself inside, but he later surrendered. Both men sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Diaz was taken to Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, reports ABC7.

According to the NY Daily News, a video shows the victim struggling with the two agents and swearing at them in Spanish when an agent in a grey hoodie hits him with a taser. Soon after, witnesses say they heard a shot fired. Law enforcement confirmed to the Daily News that the man shot in the face was unarmed. 

“We saw people in the street, trying to get him handcuffed,” said one woman who witnessed the altercation. “There were a lot of people involved. The next thing I know there was this big bang.”

According to ABC7, there was no NYPD involvement in the shooting, but ICE agents have contacted the NYPD, and there is an investigation underway.

Since ICE deportations began, New York has been a hotbed of ICE activity and detainments. Last May, 31 people were arrested in ICE raids near the New York area in a four-day period. Per ICE’s official website, of those arrested, "more than 26 were convicted criminals or had criminal charges pending and more than 29 had been issued a final order of removal and failed to depart the United States, or had been previously removed from the United States."