President Donald Trump was talking s**t about Andrew Gillum, but the Florida gubernatorial candidate had time today.

On Monday morning, Trump sent a tweet accusing Gillum of being a corrupt thief, reports Politico.

A federal corruption investigation into development spending in Tallahassee is ongoing, but as Politifact notes, Gillum has said he is not the subject of it. 

Less than an hour later, Gillum clapped back at the president and told Trump to say it to his face.

Gillum does have one president on his side.

Former President Barack Obama will be in Florida on Friday to help Gillum campaign, according to The Sun-Sentinel. The event will be held in the predominately Black Overton neighborhood in Miami, and more details are forthcoming. President Trump will be in Florida campaigning on behalf of DeSantis this week, as well.

Gillum released a statement thanking Obama for his assistance:

“I’m proud and humbled to have President Obama, my friend and a true patriot, on the campaign trail here in Florida,” Gillum said. “With President Obama’s help, we’re going to bring it home for Florida this November.”

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