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11 impressive gynmastic routines from up-and-coming gymnast Angel Rice

Here's a look at a young gymnast who seems poised to join the ranks of Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas.

1st Place #elitechallenge

A video posted by 👑QUEEN👑🍚RICE🍚 (@angel_rice) on

Angel Rice recently went viral on social media, leaving everyone stunned at her talent.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr But the 17-year-old tells NBC News, that's not even all she can do. "I can do better but that was just for that competition. I've done harder passes. I've done a round off, back handspring, double-A, three whips and then another back handspring." Also a 2-time World Cheerleading Champion, Rice started tumbling at age 3, and trains three hours a day. Although tumbling is not recognized as an olympic sport yet, Rice is hoping to make the U.S. team for the junior olympics. In celebration of Angel, here are 11 more impressive stunts from her.

1. Look at that form.

Early morning workout, getting ready for Nationals #queenoftumbling #slay A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

2. Nailed it.

World please help me get my Sport to the Olympic #olympic #nbcnews #teamusa #please A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

3. Perfect 10!

Tumbling is Life✨#queenoftumbling A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

4. She just keeps on going.

When @rschonder spots your whole standing pass A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

5. #BlackGirlMagic x 2!

My little mini Me. ✨ @madeline.n.bryant A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

6. Angel makes her job look so easy.

Dead floor #hbcu #morehouse #queenrice A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

7. Team slayage.

We slay @ambercabreraa #angelrice #theallstargames #thestingrays A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

8. If at first you don't succeed..

9. Okay, now she's just showing off and we're here for every second of it!

So let me tell you let me tell you thank you for a good meet today @flipcitysouth A video posted by QUEENRICE (@angel_rice) on

10. No words.

11. Somebody get this girl a full ride scholarship, a gold medal and multimillion dollar enorsement. She slays.

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