Witnessing the iconic Anita Baker grace the stage with her timeless tunes would have been an ideal start to Mother’s Day weekend. Regrettably, Atlanta fans were left disheartened when Baker called off her scheduled performance at the State Farm Arena just moments before the show was set to begin.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that doors to the venue opened to attendees around 6 p.m., and the soulful singer was expected to perform at 7 p.m. However, the show’s cancellation was announced by State Farm and Live Nation just minutes before showtime. 

“Due to late, unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s ‘An Evening with Anita Baker’ event featuring eight-time Grammy Award-winning superstar Anita Baker set to take place at State Farm Arena has been canceled, according to an email sent to ticket holders Saturday evening. Those who purchased the tickets will be issued a full refund. 

The sudden cancellation left many wondering about the circumstances behind Baker’s decision. Neither the 66-year-old singer nor her team provided any updates regarding the cancellation, prompting fans to express their frustrations on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Anita Baker canceled a concert. On Mother’s Day weekend. In Atlanta. Minutes before the show was supposed to start, one user said with a meme image of Luther Vandross. 

Soooo Mom’s Mother’s Day Present was tickets to the Anita Baker concert tonight, and after making us stand there for over 30 minutes after doors were supposed to open they just CANCELLED the concert outright. 😑😑😑😑 I feel bad for the arena staff tho bc people are NOT happy,” another wrote. 

“If I paid to fly my mama in town, book a hotel and stuff to stay, buy the concert tickets, outfit, spend time on hair and makeup, and pay for parking and ANITA BAKER cancels her show minutes before it’s set to start? Y’all would have to PEEL me off that lady,” a third user said. 

While some disappointed fans had hoped to celebrate Mother’s Day with the singer, others expressed genuine concern for Baker’s well-being, opting to give her the “benefit of the doubt,” per Revolt

“There’s got to be a good reason for Anita Baker to cancel her show tonight 15 mins before start of show. The people are mad. Gotta give auntie the benefit of the doubt 🥺,” one user tweeted.

“Is Anita Baker okay? I hope she’s okay. Canceling a show minutes before start time is concerning,” another said.

One user pointed out that people should extend grace to Baker, suggesting that her age could have been a factor. 

“People should stop being weird about anita baker canceling a concert, if a senior citizen needs to call out now and then just say okay and leave them alone,” they wrote.

Blavity reported on the backlash Anita Baker faced in June 2023 from critics regarding her feud with fellow legendary singer Babyface. The singer’s loyal fanbase had reportedly harassed Baker on social media, prompting her to remove the “Whip Appeal” singer from the Songstress Tour. 

The situation unfolded a month earlier during Newark, New Jersey’s stop. Concertgoers waited two hours before it was announced that Babyface’s set as the opening act would be canceled

Since then, there has been a back-and-forth between the two singers and Babyface’s fanbase on social media.