North Dakota Law Enforcement arrested a 34-year-old woman 15 years after her former roommate was found stabbed to death in their home. CBS News reports that Nichole Rice, a team member of Minot Air Force Base as a civilian, was arrested without incident and is currently being held at Ward County Jail and has been charged with murder.

Anita Knutson, 18, was a student at Minot State University when she was found fatally stabbed in her apartment in 2007. Her murder went unsolved for almost two decades.

Police Chief John Klug called the arrest a relief during a press conference on Wednesday, stating that Knutson’s murder was one case they are finally glad had been solved.

“It was a relief,” Klug said. “It was good to know that finally, the one case that we’ve had hanging out there that we just could not get to a solution was finally over.”

Police Chief Klug also revealed that Rice was always a person of interest; however, they did not have enough evidence to arrest her until now.

“There was never enough to arrest her,” Klug said. “But I would say she was always a person of interest in this case.”