It’s the thick of the 2024 NBA playoffs and the Anthony Edwards coming-out party. We’ve known of his skills for a few years now. But with a healthy Minnesota Timberwolves behind him, Edwards has been showing up, and showing out. At the time of this writing, the Timberwolves dispatched the Devin Booker-led Phoenix Suns in four games. Not to mention, they’re currently up 2-0 in their second-round series with the defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets. Edwards and his “T-Wolves” are currently undefeated in the NBA playoffs, and so much of it has to do with the killer instinct that Edwards possesses.

That killer instinct has begun to begin conversations about the comparisons of Edwards to the legendary Michael Jordan. To be clear, it isn’t just the similarities in their games that are being compared wither. Edwards resembles Jordan. The resemblance is so strong that it’s a running joke on social media that Edwards is a long-lost child of the basketball legend. But it further highlights Edwards in the worst of ways. If all goes how it has been going, Edwards may see success in his career in less time than Jordan did. he already has a squad that has a great supporting cast. If health is in the Timberwolves favor, their ceiling for success is high.

Since Kobe Bryant’s retirement, the NBA media has seemed to be searching for the next superstar player with a “mamba mentality.” Most believed, and still do, that LeBron James wasn’t that guy. I happen to think that the style of player that he is, his killer instinct just presents differently. Where Kobe and Jordan’s finesse around the perimeter was lauded, it isn’t the same for James. But conversely, James’ prowess as a distributor certainly earns the title of having a killer instinct. Then and still, Edwards embodies the spirit of Kobe and Jordan from an offensive perspective.

It’s from that standpoint that we’re seeing Edwards elevate his team. They all play with the assuredness of Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers, and Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. That’s a type of confidence that you can’t buy. The pressure that Edwards puts on the defense has allowed him to get the best out of his teammates. His right-hand man Karl Anthony-Towns is a 20 and 10 machine. The supporting cast around them both have allowed for immense team success and individual success for Edwards. What’s special about this moment is that it’s happening nationally.

With the Timberwolves being a small market team, their success speaks volumes. It shows how deep the level of talent is in the NBA, and that league parity is strong. At this moment, Anthony Edwards is now becoming a household name. And if these wins continue, he may reach legendary status.

It’s interesting because before Jordan arrived in Chicago, they were abysmal as well. The Bulls had only two playoff appearances before drafting Michael Jordan. Imagine that! Edwards led the Timberwolves to their first playoff series win in 20 years. It’s been two decades since the Minnesota fanbase could celebrate playoff success. Kevin Garnet was the league MVP that year for Christ’s sake. So, we have to understand and appreciate this moment.

Edwards has been steadily improving season by season. I have no doubts that win or lose during this playoff run, he’ll be back. He’ll also be better after playing on Team USA this summer in Paris, We are witnessing the birth of a new face of the NBA. He is Anthony Edwards. He’s clutch, he’s a winner and he’s no aberration.