A woman from Colorado was recorded licking common surfaces at a grocery store to discredit the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine.

Jodie Meschuk, a self-proclaimed anti-vaxxer, casually strolled maskless into a supermarket that required face coverings and began licking her fingers and other surfaces that customers would touch. 

"Germs fortify your immune system," her captions read in a since-deleted Instagram story, as she licked things such as produce bags, door handles and carts. "Exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies. Microbes help digestion."

“Be Free! Love Over Fear,” she wrote at the conclusion of her video. 

As the clip circulated on the internet, Meschuk responded on her Instagram to the criticism and to those who she feels are “slaves” to satan.

"So. Much. Hate today finding my page," she wrote. "You know when I first began to get targeted by the woke mob last year it was so so hard. Emotionally, physically and it would deplete me for quite a few days. I would question my beliefs. I would question myself."

"I see it so different now," she continued. "These 'people' aren't even thinking for themselves. One could even argue that they are not even real. They are a slave to a system rooted in harassment and bullying. They have handed over their minds to someone else — to Satan. To DARKNESS. How could they ever be proud of that? How can they ever find self worth?"

In addition to Meschuk's recent attempt to disprove the dangers of COVID-19, others have participated in an unsanitary social media trend last year called the #CoronavirusChallenge, which involved licking surfaces in public. 

In March 2020, an influencer known as Larz licked a public toilet bowl and subsequently uttered “coronavirus challenge.” Days later, he was hospitalized and tested positive for coronavirus, according to The Independent.  

A California woman also shared a similar story to Meschuk after she licked a cart full of groceries inside of a supermarket last year, contaminating about $1,800 worth of products, NBC News reported. Some of the items included meat, costume jewelry and liquor.