After becoming victim to a slew of attacks at the helm of President Donald Trump, veteran White House reporter April D. Ryan says she has enlisted a security detail to protect her and her family, citing that she wants to shield her loved ones from those who follow Trump's "enemy of the people" attitude toward the media.

"The president has said some things that people wanna act on, and I have governed myself accordingly," Ryan revealed to TMZ.

While she declined to provide further details, she did say, "I have protected myself and my family."

Even though she has been the target of threats in the last several days, Ryan refuses to live in fear.

"I walk with my head held high," she also told TMZ. "I've done nothing wrong, and I'm going to continue to do that."

Speaking with The View on Thursday, the Baltimore native said that because she is a Black woman, the Trump administration regularly attempts to use her as a warning example to other members of the media. Nevertheless, she remains unbothered by his denunciations. 

"I don’t back down," the CNN analyst said. "I'm not afraid."

"I'm a Black woman who is not perceived to be part of their base," she added. "So they use me as an example to show 'this is what can happen to you.'  What they fail to realize is it’s not about me, and I'm going to continue to do my job, and that's what they don’t like."

In September, Ryan reportedly received a threat via email from a racist troll.

"You're not Black. You're a loser with a big mouth that need slapped," the person wrote according to the TMZ. "If I ever see you, you’re slap is coming. Go eat more s**t."

There is already an embarrassingly low number of Black and Hispanic reporters in the White House press corps, and President Trump has personally insulted four of them just this week. 

During a Wednesday press conference, the veteran reporter was instructed by Trump to "sit down" as she tried asking a question. PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was also publicly antagonized by the president.

After she questioned the President's rhetoric as a form of influence for white nationalists, Trump simply responded, "That's a racist question." 

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