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'Atlanta' Actor Lakeith Stanfield Explains The Root Of White Guilt And Privilege Of Having 'Light Skin'

'Black Panther' is sparking conversations about white guilt and white privilege.

Actor Lakeith Stanfield minces no words in a now-deleted Instagram post explaining the root of white guilt. 

The 'Atlanta' and 'Get Out' actor recalled a conversation he was having with a white co-star on a film that started with 'Black Panther' and eventually turned into a discussion about white privilege. Apparently, she told Stanfield that she just feels guilty sometimes because of America's history of systematic oppression.  

“No, you feel guilty because you feel the fact that you benefit from some of those things,” he explained. “You shouldn’t feel guilty about sh*t because what your ancestors did had nothing to do with you. But you should recognize that you benefit from a society that values light skin and says dark skin ain’t sh*t.”

Ultimately, it isn't about making white people feel guilty, it is about being left alone so that black people in America can build our own Wakanda. 

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On Twitter, he praised Marvel's superhero flick for making black people feel like royalty. He even called out critics attempting to rain on people's parade by pointing out their clear insecurity.  

Stanfield will grace TV screens around the nation March 1 when 'Atlanta' returns on FX. 

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