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The Only Thing That May Be Funnier Than Kevin Hart's Comedy Is The Way He Threw A Baseball For The Chicago Cubs

His effort had a lot of ... Hart.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 11 days ago

Kelly Rowland Speaks Out After Witnessing The Nicki Minaj, Cardi B Drama Go Down At Fashion Week

She also showed love for Serena Williams.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 13 days ago

In A Rare Message To Fans, Beyoncé Reflected On Her 'Monumental' 36th Year

Things Bey did in her 36th year: THAT.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 18 days ago

11 Times Beyoncé's Bodyguard Played No Games In Protecting The Queen

Check This Out
Ebony F
 • 20 days ago

Gladys Knight Is Cancer Free, Disappointed That Her Message Was 'Missed' On Aretha Franklin's Celebration Day

"The Lord tells us where we are going and tells us when we are coming," Knight said ahead of the announcement.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 23 days ago

People Are Actually Upset Wiz Khalifa’s Son Rode The Bus To School

It's a bus...designed to take children...to school.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 25 days ago

Michael B. Jordan Surprised A Group Of Alabama Students, And Their Reaction Was Peak Black Boy Joy

Killmonger is for the kids!
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a month ago

'Insecure' Star Sarunas Jackson Was 'Aggravated' At The 'Fake Tea' About His Baby Girl With Co-Star DomiNque Perry

“It’s me and DomiNque who were conceiving together … and that was done on purpose.”
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a month ago

Michaela Coel Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted While Writing ‘Chewing Gum’

Sigh. Her, too.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a month ago

TLC's Chilli Says She's Dating Outside Of Her Race And Wants Other Women Of Color To Join Her

She isn't necessarily being chilly to black guys, she's just remaining "open."
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a month ago

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