Keianna Burns and Ronnell Burns, a married couple with eight children, died in a murder-suicide in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month, six months after moving to the city to grow their salon business. 

Police said the couple, who were regarded as influencers on social media, was home alone on the night of Nov. 6 when Keianna fatally shot her 46-year-old husband before turning the gun on herself. Earlier that day, the 44-year-old woman had posted a video of herself singing and dancing with one of her children, the Independent reported. The child was staying with a relative when the shooting happened later that night.

Keianna also went to Facebook on Oct. 30 to ask for prayer, saying that she was going through some struggles in life.

“Like real talk, I have some very positive people on my timeline and they help me through my gloomy days because yes I do have them,” she said in a live video on Facebook. “Honestly if I’m being totally perfectly honest, I’m having one right now. And the reason I’m going live is sometimes you gotta reach out and tell people that you need love. You need support, you need care. You just need a hug. And honestly you guys, I need that. I need that right now.”

According to MEAWW, the couple moved from St. Louis to Atlanta earlier this year to expand their business, Kritique Designs Beauty & Barber Salon. They were also focused on growing their other venture, Primerica Insurance.

On social media, they shared stories about their family and their journey in business. The couple, however, were unable to overcome the struggles happening behind the scenes.

“Right now my husband is at a retreat. I stayed back because we have our children here,” Keianna said on Facebook. “However, I just hopped on here because you have to be prepared for life changes no matter what it is that is taking place. I’m trying to encourage someone because things in your life can change for the good or the bad overnight, literally. And if you don’t feel like you are a strong enough individual, some things may take you out.”

Friends and family are devastated by the tragedy.

"To know this couple Keianna Burns and Ronnell Burns you had no choice but to love them. They were selfless, loving, and caring. A lot of people say money makes you act different but not them. They are so down to earth. And very humble. They lit up any room they walked in. Motivational to others and only wanted to change the world," Rowena Terry, a close friend of the couple, wrote on social media.

Keianna and Ronnell were raising the children they shared together, as well as the kids they had from their previous relationships. It's not clear what will happen to the couple's children.