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@kywally Kyle Walcott

The people call him Wally. He's a huge fan of This Is Us and The Walking Dead. He loves a good Jamaican beef patty with a soda on the side. In his 9-5, he's a fundraiser for a private school in Atlanta. In his 5-9, he's writing your next best read. Follow him, @kywally on instagram and twitter.

@kywally's posts

The Trump Administration Is Trying To Take Away Civil Rights For Students Of Color

After the dreadful mass shooting that took place in February 2018 in Parkland, Florida, President Trump responded to the public outcry for safer schools by appointing U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to lead the Federal Commission on School Safety.Since last March, the Commission has been tasked with researching and recommending solutions to advance the safety of schools in order...

Only Time Will Tell: How Suge Knight's Prison Sentence May Lead To More Answers

If you’re a millennial or older who loves hip-hop and/or considers themselves a fan of West Coast rap, East Coast rap or the ’90s hip-hop era altogether, then the name Marion “Suge” Knight should ring a bell.The former college football player and Compton native turned hip-hop heavyweight rose to fame upon cofounding the infamous record label, Death Row Records...

Dear 6LACK, Thank You For Showing Black Men Like Me The Importance Of Emotional Vulnerability In 'East Atlanta Love Letter'

Dear 6LACK,You did it again with this one.I remember when I listened to your debut album, Free 6LACK. From beginning to end, the album introduced me to an artist who was fearless in being his whole self, when it came to the music he put out and the lyrics he let loose from the confines of his heart.Your first album served as a celebration of being freed from the box your former label...