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@kywally Kyle Walcott

The people call him Wally. He's a huge fan of This Is Us and The Walking Dead. He loves a good Jamaican beef patty with a soda on the side. In his 9-5, he's a fundraiser for a private school in Atlanta. In his 5-9, he's writing your next best read. Follow him, @kywally on instagram and twitter.

@kywally's posts

Icon Living: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Sleeping On Jaden Smith And His Artistry

It’s not easy to stand out or find longevity in the music industry, today. However, it’s even harder to gain credibility in such an industry when people pre-label you as the kid of a celebrity who doesn’t have to work hard to earn some recognition. For several years, child celebrity Jaden Smith has had an unwarranted target placed upon him simply due to...

These Two Entrepreneurs Wrote A Book To Help Millennials Cross 'The Intersection', Pivoting From A 9-5 To Their Wildest Dreams

For the millennial generation, the decision to live out one’s dreams often hits a roadblock when faced with the need to survive. Many of us grew up with parents and role models who we witnessed adhering to the previous mantra of going to school, carving out a career and remaining loyal to that profession for the remainder of their lives.However, we’ve also been...

How Brandon Fleming, Harvard University, And 25 Black Students Are Changing The Narrative Of The Ivy League

In today’s climate where many are searching for the right solutions to the problems of our world, the topic of education commonly arises as one of the many areas of concern. As community leaders and teachers fight to bring more attention to the vast disparities present in schools, one man has combined his expectations in aptitude and engagement with an increased demand for access...