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Amanda Monroe Amanda Monroe

Writer. Rapper. Actor. Performer. Queer Multi-hyphenate creative who likes fruit snacks and well written TV. She is looking to be in somebody's writing room. Her work is centered in narrative based social commentary. She enjoys brown skin and dimples. She forgot her twitter password ages ago. You could follow her on Instagram @moe_sizslack. But most pics are, predictably, of her cat : Eartha Kitt (cat woman). Amanda thinks that joke is hilarious. She also wants to know what's up with your cute friend.

Amanda Monroe's posts

Will Howard's Historic Win Be An HBCU Football Turning Point? Antoine Bethea Weighs In

With a controversial NFL season gearing up, where folks are boycotting , quietly watching in shame, or screaming to the heavens how they refuse to be judged for continuing to use their season passes, many fans have turned to college football to get a guilt free fix. This time of year is even more complicated for HBCU football fans and alumni as homecoming rolls around, where oftentimes...

It Takes One To Know One : 6 Invaluable Tips To A Black First Generation College Student

This week I was catching a red eye from LAX to DC with an old classmate, and we spied a very anxious, fussy mom traveling with her daughter. The daughter was wearing a Howard sweatshirt (even though it was still too warm on either coast) and had the look of a freshmen. My traveling partner noted that she was probably going to DC to start her school year. We were getting old. We ran...

What Do Rutina Wesley And The Makers Of 'Queen Sugar' Have To Do To Get Nominated?

What does Rutina Wesley and the makers of Queen Sugar (cast, director, writer, boom mic operator, the guy who gets the coffee, anyone ) have to do to get an Emmy nomination somewhere? For the second year in a row, OWN’s acclaimed and weighted family drama featuring an incredibly talented ensemble cast that consistently rakes in viewership, has found itself completely...