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Amanda Monroe Amanda Monroe

Writer. Rapper. Actor. Performer. Queer Multi-hyphenate creative who likes fruit snacks and well written TV. She is looking to be in somebody's writing room. Her work is centered in narrative based social commentary. She enjoys brown skin and dimples. She forgot her twitter password ages ago. You could follow her on Instagram @moe_sizslack. But most pics are, predictably, of her cat : Eartha Kitt (cat woman). Amanda thinks that joke is hilarious. She also wants to know what's up with your cute friend.

Amanda Monroe's posts

5 Things To Know About Trump's Pick For Attorney General William Barr

The confirmation hearings for William Barr, 45’s nominee to be the next attorney general, began on Tuesday. In the midst of a government shutdown that, according to CBS news, will have more than 420,000 federal workers go without pay, coupled with the Mueller Investigation - which seeks to determine if our president is, in actuality, a Russian spy - it could be easy to let...

24 Of The Most Iconic Hip-Hop Album Covers, Ranked

With music going the way of streaming, things like carefully crafted album art packaged with a booklet of lyrics — which would be helpful in these times of mumble rappers — are becoming a thing of the past.While it’s a rare to buy a CD anymore, we can still appreciate the album covers of yesterday and today that have made a mark on the culture.24.) Food & Liquor...

The 'Do Better' Playbook: 8 Of The Most 'SMH' Moments That Should Stay In 2018

When it came to shenanigans, 2018 was one for the books. While we're ready to look to 2019 with optimism, we can't forget the moments that collectively made us shake our heads last year and question "WTF?" In no particular order, here's the "do better" roundup that we hope to leave behind as we electric slide into the new year.1. Kanye West on slavery as...