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Ariel Harris is an attorney located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fros and fitness. Love and light. All Black Lives Matter.

Ariel Harris's posts

Why Black Recruits Should Consider HBCUs

As I type, I can’t help feeling the need to make a confession.Hello. My name is Ariel Harris and I might just be a hypocrite. Back in 2004, I entered college at UNC - Chapel Hill. The sole purpose of choosing this PWI was to play on the then 17-time NCAA Division 1 National Championship Women’s Soccer Team. Every young female soccer player’s dream was now my...

A Tale of Black Women in the Workplace

Press Secretary Ryan Spicer’s angry antics during press conferences are not new. We have witnessed them time and time again. In fact, Melissa McCarthy’s spoofs of Spicer on Saturday Night Live go viral almost instantaneously after they air. Surprisingly, however, on Tuesday, Spicer’s latest outburst shed light on an even more troubling issue than his inappropriate...