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The US White Majority Will Soon Disappear Forever

The non-Hispanic white population is not growing as quickly as other groups in the U.S.
The Conversation
 • 12 days ago

How I’m Preserving My Sanity During Unemployment

A positive mindset shift is a must.
Erin R. Wheeler, PhD
 • 13 days ago

The 'Strange Fruit' Connection Between Kanye West And Nina Simone

Is Nina Simone Ye's greatest inspiration?
Ayanda Mkhize
 • 13 days ago

Dear Gentrifiers: Our Greek Plots Are Not Porta Potties For Your Pets

"Our history is being threatened by members of a race that have spent centuries finding new ways to steal from us."
 • 13 days ago

How I Used Street Art To Remind Black Women That They Are Beautiful

Hey brown girl, I see you.
Nikia Phoenix
 • 16 days ago

Why I Started A Company To Help Cut The Expensive Cost Of Therapy Sessions

Sista Afya is making mental wellness accessible in her hometown
 • 16 days ago

John Singleton's Legacy Is Not Only A Celebration Of Black Art, But A Blueprint For Black Filmmakers Everywhere

We mourn the loss of a filmmaking legend who challenged us to rethink the black experience
 • 17 days ago

People Want To Know If Cardi B Is Black, But For Afro-Caribbeans, Things Aren't Black And White

Why does it even matter?
Amber Alexander
 • 18 days ago

A Black Girl’s Guide To Financial Literacy

"We are building businesses, running companies and making major money moves."
 • 18 days ago

Why I’m Rooting For Joe Biden

"Biden is a moderate Democrat, so I’m looking forward to hearing his plans ..."
Janei Holder
 • 18 days ago

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