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6 Ways To Help Your Company Prevent Phishing Attacks

The following tips will help your company avoid phishing attacks and mitigate the risk if the breach gets through.
 • a day ago

Angela Was Mistaken For Omarosa, But Jennifer Would Likely Never Be Mistaken For Sarah

The Angela/Omarosa faux pas.
 • 2 days ago

From Pickles To Dimming Lights, These 7 Unique Weight Loss Suggestions May Just Be The Plug You Need

Have you heard of these weight loss suggestions?
 • 2 days ago

The Hate We Were Taught: Why Supporting One Another Should Be Our New Default

"... as people of color, we have so many battles to fight, but fighting one another should not be one of them."
Alisha Golden
 • 3 days ago

Why Being Diagnosed With A Mental Illness Was The Most Rejuvenating Feeling For Me

"Let us not be free from just physical slavery, but mental enslavement with invisible chains tied to our thoughts and emotional health."
 • 3 days ago

What Amanda Seales Taught Me On Instagram About Male Emotional Fragility

"Are men allowed to have emotional reactions that result from negative experiences with past partners?"
Shola Gbemi
 • 3 days ago

Checking On Your Strong Friend Might Not Be Enough: How Our Behavior Impacts The Wellbeing Of Those Around Us

Anxiety and suicide are real in the black community. Merely checking up on people isn't enough to make a difference.
Shola Gbemi
 • 3 days ago

Millennials Can Be The Power Bloc In November Elections — If We Choose To Be

Tiffany Dena Loftin shares the importance of millennial voters in the upcoming midterm elections.
 • 4 days ago

How Lenny Kravitz’s New Music On 'Raise Vibration' Calls For Positive Change In Today’s Hostile Environment

The rockstar sets the right tone with his new album.
 • 4 days ago

Same Intent, Different Victim: How The Death Of Botham Jean Made Me Rethink My Past Frightening Encounters With The Police

Only in America can a narrative of a victim somehow spin into a justifiable threat.
Lanae Dillard
 • 4 days ago

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