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More Than 40 Years After 'Foxy Brown', The Black Female Badass Makes A Comeback In 'Proud Mary'

Could this be the start of a wave of action films with strong, black female leads?
Aisha K. Staggers
 • 5 days ago

Why I Decided To Showcase The Magic Of Black Hair

Capturing the beauty of kinks, knots and locs.
Alexis C. McDonald
 • 6 days ago

Young, Disabled And Black: A Response To Solange's Recent Diagnosis

"Just because I can’t be out in these streets anymore doesn’t mean I stopped caring ..."
 • 6 days ago

4 Ways To Make The Most Of 2018

"Hey, sometimes just making it through the year is a very big deal."
Quentin Holmes
 • 7 days ago

Here's Why You Need To Remember That Black Lesbians Are Victims Too

 • 7 days ago

Why I'm Not Here For H&M’s Apology

I don’t believe you. #BlackAdLivesMatter
Latecia Johnson
 • 8 days ago

7 Fitness Tips Inspired By Your Favorite Rappers

How to finesse your way to a healthier you.
Brianna E. Tyson
 • 8 days ago

What Is Bitcoin? A Simple Guide To Understanding Cryptocurrency

"Sometimes when things get very complex, you gotta break it down. Ya feel me?"
 • 9 days ago

Can Rich Chigga’s Name Change Excuse His Past?

The Chinese-Indonesian rapper wants you to call him Brian. We want him to stop commodifying black culture.
Jenna Caldwell
 • 9 days ago

Why The Cost Of Your Engagement Ring Says Nothing About Your Marriage

Love don't cost a thing remember?
Mr. Stone
 • 16 days ago

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