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The Miseducation Of A Black Millennial: 4 Years Didn't Help But These 4 Books Did

Here's what self education taught me that school didn't
Latoya Cook
 • 5 days ago

Why Congress Should Approve a Farm Bill that Doesn't Slash Food Stamp Benefits

We have a moral obligation to care for each other
Rhonda Smith
 • 5 days ago

There Is Still A Chance To Save Net Neutrality And We Should All Care.

The FCC's ruling to remove net neutrality protections will cause deeper damage than we think.
 • 6 days ago

Can We NOT Make Straight Pride a Thing?

Because everyday is "Heterosexual Caucasian Day" in America
Marsha b
 • 6 days ago

Why It's Time For Black People To Focus On Mental Health, And Erase The Stigmas Of Therapy

Black Mental Health Matters Too
Gabrielle Parsons
 • 6 days ago

Why I'm Not Bothered By Donald Glover’s Dating Choices

We have bigger issues to worry about, and people are going to date who they please.
K Williams
 • 7 days ago

Here’s Why Adidas’ Disingenuous Offer To Kaepernick Contradicts The Company’s New Direction

Adidas promotes creativity, but stifles social proactivity.
Terry Lee
 • 7 days ago

4 Reasons Why We Never Needed Nicole Arbour's 'This Is America: Women's Edit' Video

"Call me the Rebecca Whisperer, cause Nicole Arbour, you're cancelled."
Erika E. Wade
 • 7 days ago

The Irony Of Hip-Hop Imagery Being Praised In Entertainment, But Unaccepted In Everyday Life

"Society assumes the worst, categorizing men who look like this as thugs, drug dealers and gangsters worthy of being dealt with more harshly than anyone else."
Christopher Rucks
 • 8 days ago

How White Led Non-Profits Can Fail Their Employees Of Color

“One of the big problems in the nonprofit sector is that the leadership of nonprofit organizations doesn’t represent the racial/ethnic diversity of the country.”
Sean M. Smith
 • 8 days ago

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