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Is 'Black Panther' Anti-Muslim?

"Representation matters, and is so important that we have to try and try again to get it right..."
Malikah A. Shabazz
 • 4 days ago

How 'Black Panther' Is A Springboard For Our Voices To Be Even Louder Than Before

"...we can use this moment in time, for how long we have it, to build momentum towards real, unadulterated freedom."
Trent B. Franklin
 • 5 days ago

How To End The Cycle Of Situationships

Illustrated by The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Camille Rahatt
 • 5 days ago

Why You Still Have To Be Perfect To Buy A House While Black

"Why is it that decades after the civil rights movement, people of color are still regularly disadvantaged when it comes to owning property?"
 • 5 days ago

Why Entrepreneurship Is The New Wave Among Millennials

"I love going to my office and putting the eight hours I work for someone else into my dream."
 • 10 days ago

The Most Important Shooting Out Of Florida You’ve Never Heard Of

Suspicious circumstances, a Sheriff's deputy's son and the need for truth-telling in a shooting near Jacksonville.
Charles F. Coleman Jr.
 • 10 days ago

Wakanda Forever, But What About Africa Today?

A deep dive into some of the implications of 'Black Panther.'
Andre Seewood
 • 10 days ago

How I Navigate Social And Political Turmoil Amidst Raising A Family

Baba Zumbi of Zion I on raising children in a toxic social environment.
 • 11 days ago

3 Impressive Women Of Color Entrepreneurs To Watch

Female entrepreneurs are continuing to take the American market by storm!
 • 11 days ago

Why Social Workers Are Important, And Tips To Mentally Rejuvenate

"Social workers do many other things outside of ensuring the safety of children."
 • 11 days ago

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