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Why I Question The Agenda Of Many White Liberals After The Release Of 'Surviving R. Kelly'

A slippery slope.
Angela Dennis
 • 5 days ago

Woke Wars: Why Comparing Activism Hurts More Than It Helps

Let's get together. literally.
Aisha Adkins
 • 5 days ago

Black Businesses Are On The Come Up, But Here’s Why We Need to Seriously Commit To Supporting Them

"We don’t need representation, we need wealth, and we should only take our compliments in dollars."
Jazmyne Dominique
 • 6 days ago

Khari, Malia And Nia Are The New Dolls Determined To Make A Lasting Positive Impact On Our Black Girls

Brains and Beauty Dolls are empowering young girls through doll play.
 • 6 days ago

Repudiating Farrakhan: The Delusional Notion Of White Supremacy That Black People Are The Ones Who Need To Denounce Bigotry

"While some of the remarks Farrakhan has made about Jews have no doubt been offensive and hurtful, not understanding the reluctance of Black people to kowtow to the expectation of white people that we repudiate the minister on their demand reveals how deep the racial divide in this nation truly is."
Bishop Talbert Swan
 • 6 days ago

Two Cis Black Men Openly Share Their Vulnerability In New Podcast 'Damon And Damon'

"This isn’t your Charlemagne or Old Man Ebro."
Patrisse Cullors
 • 7 days ago

Dear White Jews: Stop Using My Existence As A Talking Point

Show up, instead.
Rachel Faulkner
 • 7 days ago

My Surprise Proposal Was Not Only A Celebration Of Black Love, But Of Black Culture, Too

Exemplifying Black culture in elegance, music, fashion, culinary experiences and more.
 • 7 days ago

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Doesn’t Think The ‘Green Book’ Controversies Matter, But I Very Much Think They Do

"We have facts so that truths can be corrected, so that truths can be debated."
Ayofemi Kirby
 • 7 days ago

Emotion-Reading Tech Fails The Racial Bias Test

"... black faces were consistently scored as angrier than white faces for every smile."
The Conversation
 • 8 days ago

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