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You May Believe Lebron James Is Chasing A Championship In LA. I, For One, Think We’re About To Get A ‘Space Jam 2'

"... I do believe there is a conversation going on, somewhere atop the 35th floor of a building, on how they can make this come to life ..."
 • 3 days ago

PrEP Prevents Black People From Falling Prey To A Healthcare System Which Has Historically Neglected Them

"PrEP has been targeted at gay white men, point blank period."
Melody Ayshay
 • 3 days ago

In A World That Praises Loud, Proud And Opinionated Black Women, Here’s Why I Often Feel Left Out

Being a quiet person can be ostracizing. Being a quiet black girl can be even more ostracizing.
Nena Malikah
 • 4 days ago

Why The Racial Wealth Gap Persists In America

"Since the Emancipation Proclamation, black Americans have had the right to earn money, but not necessarily the means."
 • 4 days ago

Why Black Entrepreneurs Love These 3 Southern Cities

"Black Americans face unique challenges when it comes to starting a business, and picking the right location might make or break a business."
 • 4 days ago

African Americans Suffer From HIV At Alarming Rates. With A Day Of Unity We Can Help Tackle The Epidemic, Together.

On July 15th, let's make a difference
Marjorie Innocent
 • 7 days ago

The Internet Has Changed The Way That We're Getting An Education, Corporate America Needs To Catch Up

Free as in speech, free as in beer.
 • 7 days ago

To The 8-Year Old Girl That Wanted To Be A Huxtable, But Grew Up And Got Cosby

I'm sorry for your loss.
Desiree Leialoha
 • 7 days ago

Your Political Presence Is A Present: Why It's Important People Of Color Are Politically Active

Voting DOES make a difference
 • 8 days ago

This Serial Entrepreneur Sold His First Company By 18. Here’s His Advice For Founders

Here's his words of wisdom for young entrepreneurs.
 • 8 days ago

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