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It’s More Than Money: The Impact Banking Black Is Making Outside Of Your Wallet

Know where your deposits are being reinvested.
 • 6 days ago

Some Tips And Tricks On How To Save Money While Shopping Online

"As long as you’re smart about it and take your time, you can generally get plenty of great deals online."
Nakia Henry
 • 6 days ago

‘Are Y’all Gonna Vote?’: The Wrong Question Too Many Folks Ask Black People

"As the 2020 presidential race approaches, we should consider what it means to live in a democracy where nearly half of those eligible to vote, don't."
Charlise Randall
 • 7 days ago

Why Ghana’s ‘Year Of Return’ Feels More Like A Callous Cash Grab Than Genuine Understanding

"It behooves Black Americans to emancipate themselves from external agendas when managing their birthright trip to the continent."
 • 7 days ago

What Is The Significance Of Friday Prayers In Islam?

It wasn't by chance that the terror attack in New Zealand happened on a Friday.
The Conversation
 • 7 days ago

Winning Against No Odds: The Myth Of Self-Made Success

"... it is unwise for most of us to imbibe the toxic mindset of self-made success."
 • 8 days ago

How Braids Helped Me Embrace The Beautiful Hair I Often Struggled To Love

Rediscovering my roots.
multicultural mama
 • 8 days ago

Once Captives Of Boko Haram, These Students Are Finding New Meaning In Their Lives In Pennsylvania

The story of how a few of the Chibok schoolgirls are thriving. #BringBackOurGirls
The Conversation
 • 8 days ago

The Importance Of Getting Real With Your Teens About Marijuana And Mental Health

It's not just a "quick trip".
Dr. Narketta Sparkman-Key
 • 11 days ago

What A Viral Tweet Taught Me About My Own Views On 'The Culture'

What does "the culture" mean to you?
 • 11 days ago

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