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Ashleigh is a writer, podcaster and sh*t talker based in Atlanta, GA. She likes food, Beyonce, social justice and the whole bott--er, a glass of wine. Don't start none, won't be none.

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Jill Scott Is Trending For Reasons NSFW And The Internet Doesn't Know What To Do With Itself

We already knew Jill Scott was musically talented, but we didn’t know how gifted she was at other erm, things. Video footage from a recent concert went viral due to her simulating oral sex with a microphone.Scott didn’t just bob her head. She gave the audience the whole experience, complete with hand motions and tongue action.The “Golden” singer went all the...

Jada Pinkett-Smith Says She's 'Triggered' By White Women With Blonde Hair

Jada Pinkett Smith admitted she held a strong bias against white women due to childhood trauma.The actress confessed during an episode of Red Table Talk, “I think what crushes me, specifically in my relationship with white women, the thing that really breaks my heart is that white women understand what it feels to be oppressed,” she said.The Set If Off star added she has a...

Jaden Smith Claims Tyler The Creator Is His 'F***king Boyfriend' While Onstage

Jaden Smith referred to rapper Tyler the Creator as his boyfriend during a show over the weekend.Smith was performing at the Camp Flognaw Festival in Los Angeles when he made the declaration.“I just want to say Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world, and I love him so f**king much,” Smith said. “And I want to tell you guys something. Tyler doesn’t...