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Brownee08 Councilmember Tonya Burke


Tonya Burke is a game changing elected and successful public policy developer that recruits, coaches, trains and empowers women of color to run and win public office. Tonya is a is also a podcast host and author of the highly anticipated book and podcast entitled, Hey Colored Girls You Tha S.H.I.T.! Find out more by logging onto tonyaburke.org.

Brownee08's posts

Black Women, When It Comes To Politics, We’re Major Keys In More Ways Than One

My Dearest Sistahs,Now, before any of you get your undies gathered in an unnatural and unflattering wad, lend me a moment to present my point. For the past two years, black women have come together to write several letters and make various public pleas to the Democratic party, nicely requesting for increased support for our elected leaders, our candidates, and our causes. All we seem to...

The Democratic Party Doesn't Care Enough About Black Women, So Sis, Save Yourself

Black women have always served as loyal members of the Democratic Party. For decades, it has been black women that have been the political gatekeepers, standing firm by the side of the Democratic Party through the good, the bad, and the ugly times. Black women have organized, rallied, raised funds, passed out the water, served well-cooked meals, got out and voted at the party's...