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DrDoingItWell Byron Young, MD


Byron Young, MD is an emotional wellness program developer, consultant, and a supervising psychiatrist with ThriveNYC's Mental Health Service Corps where he is involved in collaborative care medicine, consulting with primary care physicians and social workers. He also works part time at Children of Promise NYC which serves the children of incarcerated parents. Dr. Young was born and raised in the New Orleans, LA metro area and attended Xavier University of Louisiana for undergrad and Tulane University School of Medicine for medical school. Dr. Young came to NYC for general psychiatry residency at Hofstra Northshore-LIJ at Zucker Hillside and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at New York Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell Universities. ​ Dr. Young is passionate about being impactful in under-resourced and marginalized communities, particularly communities of color, in both his daily work with the MHSC and various community service project. He participates in, consults on and develops creative programs and initiatives to serve as tools for the improved emotional wellness of citizens of NYC and beyond. Dr. Young has also consulted with program development for organizations like Teen Hub Program of New York Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell Universities as well as Google and the New York City Department of Health.

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In Spaces That Weren't Designed For You, It's Important To Bring Your Whole Black Self To School And Work Anyway.

Recently, I was invited by the New York City Department of Health to be a part of a panel of African American mental health and wellness experts to work on designing programs to address inclusion in mental health education and the mental health workforce. New York City is following a popular trend of aiming to tackle issues of inclusion in predominantly white education and professional...