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Erulastiel14 Samantha

Samantha is a political writer in Oakland, California. She has a Bachelor's in History and an MA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco. She also graduated from law school in 2014. She loves astrology, Netflix, the Golden State Warriors and is passionate about exercise and mental health. She is currently writing a memoir-reflection on being a black Millennial in the age of Donald Trump.

Erulastiel14's posts

While Trump Continues To Attack Rep. Ilhan Omar, Defense From The Democrats Is Barely Found

More than two years into Mr. Trump's presidency, we're more than used to his antics. Unfortunately, we've become numb to them. The list of lies is too long. One could spend hours and days listing the dangerous rhetoric and actions he's committed to inflame our divisions, attack our democracy and bring the country into authoritarianism. On the rare occasion I watch...