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On black success and a complicated world: Harriet Tubman on the $20

It took me maybe 30 minutes to give up on the “good/bad” binary that immediately developed online in response to the news that Harriet Tubman’s portrait would be on the front of the $20 bill. I went through a brief series of weirdly conflicting emotions before settling on: "I wish I could just be happy about this"—and then thinking on that for a while, too. I revisited Feminista Jones’...

#KKKorGOP and historical narratives in America

At this point, I think most would agree that on the night of the GOP’s presidential candidate debate, Black Twitter was arguably the best place to be to watch the event. Per usual, the sarcasm, wit and general Twitter skills were unmatched. Mixed in with the #GOPDebate tweets was another segment of tweets worth looking at — #KKKorGOP. The hashtag, a coordinated effort by activists...

The anniversary of Mike Brown's death is almost here and we still need to talk about this

Girl: And at times it feels like we’re suffocating, like we’re not human anymore. Guy: And everything is rehearsed, including this other pain we’re starting to feel. Girl: The kind of pain that comes from feeling no pain at all. - excerpt The Colored Museum, written by George C. Wolfe   I realized a couple days ago that we’re just one month shy of the one-year...