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Donald Glover’s 'Atlanta' shines a light on the city’s flawed history

Donald Glover’s Atlanta is a great show, detailing a subversively meditative reality about the lives of modern day black folk. I mean, really, there’s a scene of a QT cup knocked over on a table amidst other paraphernalia I can't name. How authentic can you be?! As an Atlanta native, I can watch the show for hours relating to the small details (like the QT cup on the table), which I...

Gucci Mane's 'Everybody Looking' is a pleasant and vulnerable surprise

Disclaimer: This article is not about Gucci Mane’s clone nor will it describe his drastic weight loss. Though, I must admit, I wonder if an 18-month bid will get me right.#GuwopFitness Gucci Mane recently released his new album, Everybody Looking. A longtime fan, I felt an instant twinge of nostalgia in anticipation. (To be honest, I might’ve squealed a little.) You see, I grew...