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Omohamed Orit Mohamed


Blavity Staff Writer

Omohamed's posts

How DACA Impacts Undocumented Students Nationwide

College campuses are often rife with hostility and isolation for marginalized communities. Students of color, immigrants and first-generation college students struggle to navigate systems that don’t focus on retention and services that cater to them and their complex backgrounds.In September 2017, President Donald Trump further increased this hostility by rescinding DACA (Deferred...

Race, Education and Social Mobility: Why Pre-K Matters for Children of Color

I grew up in what is often referred to as a “mixed income community,” an attempt made by local municipalities to correct the social ills bred by segregation. The city of Sunnyvale in California mandates that a certain percentage of housing in affluent neighborhoods be offered at a discounted rate, essentially asking the question: “What happens if we give poor people...

10 Times White People Weren't Fired For Actually Being Racist

Colin Kaepernick, Monroe Bergdorf and Jemele Hill have all been unfortunate reminders of the consequences black people face whilst calling out white supremacy. As the public refuses to acknowledge the actual racists who spout insults and slurs about every marginalized group in this country, anti-racists who are brave enough to call a spade a spade, are being publicly shamed and labeled...