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Omohamed Orit Mohamed

Blavity Staff Writer

Omohamed's posts

Senators Kamala Harris & Rand Paul Introduce Bill To Encourage Prison Reform Bill

It is no secret that our criminal justice system needs serious overhauls. Due to the work of community organizers, academics, and restorative justice practitioners, concerns about criminal justice are gaining traction at State and Federal levels. The push for prison abolition and prison reform have led to keen examinations of every aspect of the carceral system, from interaction with...

10 Incredible Black Muslims Fighting Against Racism And Islamophobia

Although black Muslims are often left out of traditional narratives, it is important to note that they're an integral part of Islam in America. Nearly one third of America's Muslim population is black, many of America's oldest mosques were build by black communities and black Muslims are essential to movements for black liberation and civil rights. In times where black...