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T.I. Partnered With A Georgia Church To Bail 23 Nonviolent Offenders Out Of Jail On Easter

Twenty-three nonviolent offenders spent Easter at home thanks to T.I.'s successful efforts to bail them out of jail just hours before the annual holiday.Per Fox 5 D.C., seven women and 17 men were released from DeKalb County Jail in Georgia early Sunday morning. The "Motivation" rapper partnered with Love & Hip Hop star Scrapp Deleon and the New Birth...

These Gorillas Imitating Humans In A Selfie With Anti-Poachers Invited The Exact Twitter Foolishness You're Expecting

A Congolese park ranger has gone viral after he posted a selfie of him with the gorillas he and fellow guards have cared for since the animals were born on Thursday.According to the BBC, the mountain gorillas are housed at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they are being attended to since the death of their mothers by poachers in July...