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Zahara Hill Zahara Hill

Zahara is the Deputy Editor for Blavity.

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Tarana Burke Wants Black Folks Defending Celebs Like Bill Cosby, R. Kelly To Wake Up: 'Evil Black People Do Exist'

As we continue to recover from last week's overload of troubling tweets, revelations and a precedent-setting jury verdict, #MeToo founder and activist Tarana Burke has already found the lesson in it all.Amid the recent the Bill Cosby verdict, which found one of the pillars of early black family sitcoms guilty of sexual assault, and Kelis' revelation her former husband and...

5 Things To Know About Pansexuals And The 'Free Ass Motherf**kers' Who Identify As Such

Just two months after giving vaginas a monologue, Janelle Monae is passing her inclusive mic to members of one of the lesser understood communities on the sexuality spectrum. After years of public speculation surrounding her sexual orientation, the artist recently came out as pansexual. "Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men...