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anthonydmays Anthony D. Mays


Anthony is a software engineer at Google. Raised in Compton as a foster kid after suffering physical and sexual abuse, he taught himself how to program computers at age 8 and started his career as an INROADS intern. He is a frequent public speaker at schools and other student organizations. He was recently awarded the INROADS Trendsetter Award for his work promoting diversity in tech. Anthony graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. His GPA was horrible, so don't ask.

anthonydmays's posts

How Playing Chess With My Long Lost Dad Helped Me Discover Who He Is

It is Friday, July 23, 2010. My head is in the clouds. And on this beautiful day in Oklahoma City, the clouds are magnificent. It rained earlier this morning. How cliche, I say to myself. On a day like today.When I see clouds, I marvel at the wonder that millions of gallons of water are floating gracefully at heights miles above my head. I take in the wondrous expressions of their...

These 7 Mothers Made Me The Man I Am Today

There are few things the world needs more than good mothers. It is a universal truth, but one especially true in the black community. Our community has suffered from a terrible, decades-long drought of capable fathers. Our mothers endure pressures that have long threatened to tear apart the fabric of our fragile society. This is why we must take time every year to recognize them for the...