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10 Things That Disturb Woke Folks at the Club on NYE

It’s that time of year again. Good luck. 1.  Annoying and inconsistent club entry and exit policies   2. White people saying the n-word during "N* In Paris" and every Drake song     3. Broke friends buying tables with $$$ they don't have   4. Woke friends singing along to R. Kelly songs 5. Expensive good quality non-hangover liquor you can't boycott 6....

What a difficult yet inspiring year we have had

When Time magazine and subsequent publications dubbed millennials the "ME, ME, ME" generation and claimed that they are overconfident, lazy, and self-absorbed, they forgot to assess the claim against the work of young black people. Though it has been a tough and exhausting year to be young and black — for one, the daily anxiety that one will sign in to any social media platform and find...