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blkkatie Black Katie


Katie is an unhealthy public health professional. She’s most passionate about eliminating the health disparities that negatively impact Black mothers and their children. She enjoys reading and pretending to be from Atlanta.

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Black County Commissioner Shuts Down Confederate Museum

Who would have thought the revolution would be spearheaded by a local government bureaucrat in middle Georgia?  Dee Clemmons, that’s who.Dee Clemmons, a County Commissioner in Henry County, Georgia, is yet another example of Black women leading the resistance against white supremacy and revisionist history.  While the removal of Confederate statues in New Orleans has...

Should Black Owned Businesses Get A Hall Pass for Bad Service?

I ain’t no snitch, but my latest trip to the nail salon had me seriously reconsidering my stance on no snitching.  The receptionist was welcoming, the decor was cute, and the playlist was on point, but that’s where the positives ended.  I asked for a specific nail technician off the strength of a friend’s recommendation.  The nail tech didn’t do my...

Nonprofits Might Mean Well, But Casual Racism Still Exists

My boss totally tried to 'home girl' me.I walked from my cubicle in the open concept common space to the Executive Director’s bright,  corner office.  This was our first one-on-one meeting since I started at the maternal and child nutrition nonprofit a week prior.  She had similar meetings with all her employees.  She wanted to get to know me and learn...