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csparrow C. R. Sparrow

Loves to write, sleep, listen to music, and nerd out about sci-fi and fantasy television. Been gaming since Atari 2600 days. Senior Pitch Editor at Black Girl Nerds.

csparrow's posts

Star Trek Timelines Provides Strategy Fun For All Star Trek fans

When Star Trek: Discovery’s cliffhanger left us dangling over the winter hiatus in mid-November, I idly wondered how mobile game Star Trek: Timelines was dealing with the new influx of Star Trek backstory. This prompted me to pick it back up again, and I don’t regret it. For starters, it’s the first game that utilizes Science Specialist Michael Burnham and her...

The Gaming Match Game

The global revenue of the electronic game industry is approaching $100 billion. One reason for that number is that there are so many ways to game: you may use a souped-up gaming computer, one of the latest consoles or a mobile device. Whether you regularly commit to weekend binges in your PJs, or prefer adventuring on your phone during your daily commute, gamers are spoiled for...

Two Black-Women Led 'Fantasy' Games That Are All Too Real

A common theme when thinking about electronic games is escapism. In the real world striving to be an infallible hero who can slay dragons by day and craft potions and weapons by night, requires too narrow a skill set to be practical. But when our little avatar is running around in some fictional universe, it’s nice to just bask in their accomplishments. But sometimes a fantasy can...