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The black woman is God: Reprogramming that God code

"If the oldest mitochondrial DNA traces back to an African woman, why then are black women the most mistreated in this society?" This is one of many questions that Karen Seneferu (artist) and Melorra Green (curator) seek to answer through their spiritual exhibit, The Black Woman is God: Reprogramming that God Code (TBWIG). The Exhibit opened for its biggest installation yet on July...

Black gentrifiers, unicorns & other mythical creatures

I'm a sucker for fairy tales. Like most people, I love Beauty and the Beast, Milan, Unicorns and Anansi the Spider, so I’m no stranger to mythical creatures. Lately there’s been tales of a new creature that I’ve never seen before, 'black gentrifiers.' But in my opinion, black folks gentrifying black neighborhoods is not a thing. I recently read an article from The Guardian about a black...