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dmarquis Dante Marquis

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Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Take Time Off From Work And Do You

I’ve been working at my job (an advertising agency) for two years now, and we have pretty laid-back vacation policies. Up to three weeks per year, I can take time off whenever I feel the need, as long as all of my clients and client work have been tended to and/or is being covered by someone else while I’m gone. But, despite these lax policies, I never take vacations. In...

She's not new to this — Teyana Taylor’s 7 best songs

Post by Dante Marquis Still can’t get over Kanye West’s epic “Fade” visual starring Teyana Taylor? I can’t either. I've been in the gym ever since! But why is mainstream America acting like Teyana Taylor hasn’t been famous for years? People really don’t understand how amazing she is, whether she’s dancing, slaying Lil' Kim tributes or singing her soul out. In a world where...