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How Responsible Athletes Manage Their Money & How You Can Too

We read the headlines all of the time. Another athlete bites the financial dust. It seems that the get rich quick and get broke quicker athlete has been the norm. Sad! But is it really?The truth is that many of us have never and will never just “stumble” upon hundreds of thousands of dollars at once, and especially in our young adult lives. So aside from that (ridiculously...

11 Financial To-Do's Before Age 26

Weeks before your 26th birthday, your parents sit you down to have “the talk.”They’ve done this before. Perhaps it was in your adolescent years, or when you hit puberty. Maybe it was the night of prom or when you began to date. You aren’t particularly sure what this conversation is about, but because of the dramatic fashion you know that it's serious.The...

5 things the Golden State Warriors have taught you about investing

Maybe I’m a little biased. After all, for the majority of my life I've lived in the Bay Area, from my time in high school and even through my college playing days at the University of California, Berkeley. I’ve seen our sports teams weather storms and hoist championship trophies into the air. It’s not a secret. The Golden State Warriors have been the hottest team in the National...