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Speaker. Named Top 100 LGBTQ Person to Watch by National Black Justice Coalition. Vlogger & Blogger. Visit www.DoctorJonPaul.com and follow me on all social media @ Doctorjonpaul.com.

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The Silencing Of Black Women In Politics

Maxine Waters. Angela Rye. April Ryan. Three names of powerful black women who have put their careers on the line to resist the current circus we now call our government. Just last week, Waters went on record to state that she was putting her “career on the line” to resist Donald Trump and several other politicians, who she believes, lack creditability. In response,...

5 Ways To Support The Black LGBTQ Community In Times Of Uncertainty

When you hear LGBTQ and black, what do you think about? RuPaul? Drag queens? The new song by CupcakKe? Is it your favorite hairstylist or makeup artist, and the thousands of times you've asked them to spill the tea? With the recent success of the film, Moonlight, so many people have mentioned the need for more conversations to be had around the experiences that queer black...