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Reconnecting roots: ‘Coming to Africa’ as an African American in the age of Obama

Many African-Americans are searching for their African identity by traveling to Africa and the diaspora. But is it too late to reconnect? In July 2015, President Barack Obama embarked on a historic trip to Africa — becoming the first sitting American president to not only address the African Union, but also the first president to visit Kenya and Ethiopia. Although last year’s...

'Evoking the Mulatto' series talks black mixed identity in the 21st century

In the black cultural experience and dynamic, those who are mixed race or 'mulatto' by antiquated racial stratification and historical standards, have and continue to experience various prejudices, questions and biases surrounding their racial identity and how they define themselves. The historical reference of 'mulatto' derives from the word 'mule,' which is a mix between a donkey and...