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stefansykes Stefan Sykes


Stefan is a student at Cornell University studying journalism.

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How Marvel Studios Is An Unlikely Ally To The Black Community

Like the next person, I love my share of superhero movies. The Dark Knight trilogy gives me chills each time I rewatch it, Guardians of the Galaxy is my go-to movie when I want a good laugh and I still can’t get over how amazing Wonder Woman was.With that being said, I also appreciate—no, expect—representation in the movies I pay to see. As a black man, I enjoy being...

What The "Bachelor In Paradise" Debacle Means To The Black Community

When season 4 of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise came to a screeching halt last month, the black community held its breath. Production on the Bachelor spinoff was put on hold amid allegations of sexual misconduct between two of the shows cast members while filming at a Mexican beach resort. Warner Bros., the distribution company behind the show, launched an internal investigation into...