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tonjiereese Tonjie Reese


Tonjie is a Detroit native, writer, music lover, change maker, and founder of eleven24. Her passion for ending domestic and sexual violence began as a sophomore in high school when she participated in an interactive travellng play focused on teen dating violence and has continued through her roles as a prevention program director, a community educator, a shelter advocate, and a community initiatives coordinator. In her roles, Tonjie has used her passion for prevention to provide training in academic and community settings, organize young people to be activists in their communities, and enhance program delivery by addressing intersectionality. She holds a BS in Behavioral Science and a MA in Education, Leadership, and Change.

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Teen Relationships Should Never Result In Death - Reauthorizing VAWA Can Help

Yesterday, my mom called and asked me if I'd heard about the teenage girl that was killed by another girl over a boy. She was referring to Danyna Gibson (16) and Tanaya Lewis (17), two girls involved in an altercation that resulted in Danyna dying from stab wounds. She suggested that I reach out to the school because this was the result of an unhealthy relationship. As she was...