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Azealia Banks Said She Was Drugged And Raped Over The Weekend: 'Someone Really Just Got The F**king Best Of Me'

"Men can just prey on you and just f**king badger you and force you to say yes."

Azealia Banks said she was roofied and raped by a man she was hanging out with in several Instagram stories posted Saturday, April 14.  

The 26-year-old rapper said that she felt "low" and "embarrassed" about the incident in the Instagram stories. 

“I just feel so dirty and stupid right now, you know? We were just hanging out, and one thing led to another,” she said tearfully.

According to The New York Daily News, Banks was allegedly assaulted and threatened to quit music during the encounter with the unidentified man. 

“I just feel really dumb, because it was partially my fault… I’m just like sitting here like feeling f**king low and sh*t … I just want to f**king disappear right now.”

“I’m just really realizing this rape, men can just prey on you and just f**king badger you and force you to say yes, to the point where you feel like you gave consent, but you didn’t give sh*t.”

Banks can also be heard saying that she was so distraught that she “can’t even look at music right now.” For roughly four minutes, she continued recounting the incident.  

“You never wanted to do sh*t and then there you are, feeling f**king powerless. Someone really just got the f--king best of me."

In an additional story posted Saturday afternoon, Banks updated fans on the incident stating that relatives and friends came to help her cope. She wrote that the man spiked her drink during the encounter, and she blacked out soon after. 

“What is even in a roofie? I’ve never felt that type of intoxication in my life. I woke up, my throat was in pins and needles. It’s under control now; my brothers and friends are here. I’m going to be fine; don’t panic guys. I love you. I def got drugged in my drink, but I’m waking up again,” she wrote.

 “It takes (a lot) to take this elephant down!! Show is still on for tomorrow...see ya’ll then.” 

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