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Atlanta-based creative, dope photographer, journalist and lover of the wing ding.

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Washington D.C. School Principal Threatens To Fire Football Coach If He Allows Player, Who Is Homeless, On The Field

Jamal Speaks just wanted to play football and show off his skills to college recruiters but he ended up being punished for being homeless. On Saturday, the 18-year-old star player was just about to take the field for Ballou-STAY Opportunity Academy when he was told he'd be prohibited from playing.ABC 7 reports principal Willie Jackson threatened to fire the head...

Ohio Judge Resigns After He's Caught On Camera Being Belligerent To Mom Upset Over Not Being Granted Protective Order

A Cincinnati magistrate judge chased down a black woman, forced her into a jury box and sentenced her to over a week in jail for yelling, leading to his resignation. Hamilton County Common Pleas Magistrate Michael Bachman was caught on tape leaving his courtroom on Sept. 4 to confront a woman whose upset over not being granted a protective order inconvenienced him as...

Massachusetts State Police Slipped Up And Revealed They're Monitoring Black Activists

State Police unveiled surveillance targeting black activists as a major gas emergency has the residents of the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts reeling as the disaster grows in scale. WBUR reports that browser tabs showing the Facebook page names of notable black activist groups in the Boston area were shown after the State police shared a map of the locations...