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Atlanta-based creative, dope photographer, journalist and lover of the wing ding.

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Steph Curry Claps Back At Mad Houston Fans Leaving Bad Yelp Reviews For Ayesha's Restaurant Before It Even Opens

A lot of people are still sour over the Golden State Warriors winning a second consecutive NBA Finals.But some Houston Rockets fans have stepped to a new low by leaving scathing reviews on International Smoke, Ayesha Curry's new Houston restaurant, before it even opens its doors next month.Yelp has now become a digital battleground where Rockets and Warriors fans trade jabs....

Twitter Skewers News Outlet Over Report Claiming White Kids Attending HBCUs Is Something New

A new Vice News report covering white students attending historically black colleges and universities has ruffled quite a few feathers. In the first episode of "Minority Reports," Vice looks into the life of a white student attending Morehouse College in Atlanta in an attempt to highlight an influx of white students coming to HBCUs. White freshman Tiago told Vice he...