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Atlanta-based creative, dope photographer, journalist and lover of the wing ding.

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India.Arie And David Banner Are #RelationshipGoals In The Music Video For 'Steady Love'

The latest video from neo-soul singer-songwriter India Arie is a beautiful portrayal of Black love. Coming from her eighth studio album, Worthy, the single entitled "Steady Love" depicts the complexities of a maintaining a healthy relationship. The Nandy McClean-directed video features rapper, activist and speaker David Banner as Arie's lover.  In...

Wrangler Politely Dismisses The Haters After Collaboration With Lil Nas X

Some country music fans are threatening to boycott Wrangler jeans following the company’s partnership with rapper Lil Nas X.On May 20, the denim jean maker posted three images on Instagram celebrating the latest collab with the “Old Town Road” artist. There was overwhelming jubilation from Lil Nas X fans. However, there were also several people who saw the partnership...