You’ve always enjoyed traveling, from road trips with your family to weekend trips to visit girlfriends. This time around, the trip is special. You’ve decided to plan a trip with your lover. Traveling with a significant other can be an exciting adventure if you do it right. Here are seven tips to make sure your first baecation won’t be your last.

Plan the trip together

  • Planning your vacation with your partner is extremely helpful for both parties. Not only is it easier to plan with more input, but it also gives you both an opportunity to get excited about your upcoming trip.

Play on each other’s strengths

  • Partnership is key during a vacation with your lover. Make sure each person plays their part. If you are good with budgeting and your significant other is better at planning, stick to it. When each person is able to provide help within their strengths, the trip will go a lot smoother.


  • Make sure you accomplish each person’s goals during the trip. This includes participating in water sports, even if you’re terrified. You both put in time and money during the trip, so be mindful of that. Compromise and be mindful of each other’s wishes.

Enjoy the adventure

  • Baecation is a time to explore new things and to have adventures with your partner. Relish in that. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself if it means trying new things. Allow yourself to truly enjoy the experience. These memories will last forever.

Spend some time apart

  • If possible, make some time for yourself. This vacation is meant to be enjoyed, so if at any time you are at each other’s throat or need some space, find a way to separate. It’s perfectly healthy to enjoy time alone, even when on a trip with your significant other.


couple snuggling
  • As much as a fun-filled trip sounds, there will be days when you will be exhausted. Make time to rest. Whether it’s in the beginning, middle, or toward the end of trip, allow for some relaxation time. This will also give you a chance to just enjoy being with your partner.

What are your tips on enjoying a baecation? Comment below.