Finding makeup for people of color is hard in general. But it’s exceptionally hard when you have a darker skin tone. Like many of us, one beauty blogger felt the struggle, but what she did to make a difference is definitely one of a kind. Ofunne Amaka is a prime example of #blackgirlmagic. After being frustrated with the lack of representation in the makeup industry, Amaka took to Instagram to launch @cocoaswatches. The page was designed to show makeup swatches on a variety of skin complexions. With people of color facing this issue every day, the account gained a lot of notice very quickly.

makeup app for people of color
Photo: Instagram

Now Amaka is expanding the Instagram page to an app under the same name, Cocoa Swatches. The app has the same concept and allows for original and user-generated content. Cocoa Swatches is revolutionary. For the first time, people are able to see new products and get an idea of how it would look on their skin. Thank you Amaka, for acknowledging a problem and kickstarting a journey to positive change and inclusion.

Swatches Instagram
Photo: Instagram

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